There you sit at your desk, apathetically reading through facebook, liking pictures of cats and considering that a pineapple is secretly a miracle cure for what ails you.  Then out of the corner of your eye through the window you see a flash. Faint, lasting only for a moment; maybe you’re imagining things.

Suddenly a fireball climbs up over the post office in the distance. The shock wave hits you and blows glass into your face like an ice storm. The chattering changes to screaming and people start to run out of the building, smashing into each other and tipping over chairs in chaos. Another building collapses like a house of cards, and cars flip through the air left and right, moving closer to you by the minute.

Frozen in place, you know you should run but you can’t look away. Hydrants spray into the sky; clashing rainbows with fireballs in the mist of approaching destruction.
Through a wall of fire you see the cause. The monster that has wrought such cataclysmic and world changing obliteration with so much surprise and so little warning you question the veracity of reality itself!!

It’s The Music Room….It has returned.

In a roaring two part return we discuss the top albums of 2016, talk about what in God’s name we’ve been doing all year, and celebrate the life of a fallen friend.

Welcome….to The Music Room.

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