great packaging and artwork
good running time
great vocal rhythms
overall “bigger” feel
overall “heavier” feel
boring songwriting
uninspired production
lazy lyrics
lack of any other personnel involved
unnecessary and unintelligent swearing


If you asked me to describe an album in only one word, normally I’d tell you “that’s crazy!” and continue on my way.  However, I have come across one of the rare albums that allows me to do just that in Run.  Uninspired.  That’s the unfortunate word that sums up the sophomore effort from Aaron Bruno’s Awolnation.

Where the first AWOL album (self titled) has creativity and uniqueness bouncing around every corner, Run is just your average run-of-the-mill electronic hip hop album. Big beats created using very common sounding electronic drums and big low-passed synth basses fill a majority of the songs (there are a few shorter “ballad-y” tracks but those are so full of over-processed background vocals and swimming reverb that it’s really hard to enjoy them) And this brings me to the core of my issues with this album.  The production just sounds amateur to me.  The guitars (when there are any) have absolutely NO high-end in them, giving the whole album a low-end consuming woofy sound. The drums are just your average stereotypical electronic drums, and the vocals are just short little phrases repeated several times to fill in the verse (giving the vocals a more “sampled” feeling rather than a “sung” feeling).  The whole album seems lazy to me, which is a crying shame considering the brilliance of the first AWOL album.  Overall, the “one man writes, produces, performs, and records everything himself” trick just fell flat on it’s face with this one.

Standout Tracks
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

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