February 18, 2015

Evermotion marks the 7th full length album from Boston based alt-rock mainstays, Guster.  Coupling up with producer Richard Swift, (Foxygen, The Shins) the constantly evolving sound and songwriting that drives Guster’s progress through time is alive and well on this new outing, if maybe less accessible on occasion.  The production of the album is as tectonically tight as always, with every inflection and instrument getting as much of its own space as an asteroid.  The first half of the album sports classic Guster. Bolstered by ethereal harmonies and catchability on par with a strong run of the measles, it slowly builds to a clear album highlight in ‘Simple Machine’, the first single off the album.  The second half of the album slows things down and yields a bit more of an experimental vibe, though never straying too far from the lab.  Songs like ‘Expectation’ and ‘Never Coming Down’ are fine examples of this, hearkening back to older entries like ‘One Man Wrecking Machine’ and ‘Jesus on the Radio’, respectively.   While Evermotion isn’t quite as rock solid as previous entries, there is plenty to love here.  It’s no small feat to be so consistently excellent over 7 albums while also being so apt to try new things. Several points of this album show Guster at their best, and the rest, while slightly more ephemeral, shows they are far from a dry well of ideas.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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